The thematic educational trail of the Roller Visitor Centre is running on 5 km length in the northern shore of Lake Fehér. The path creates a good opportunity to meet both the old and new face of Lake Fehér of Szeged at a time: while several hundred hectares fishponds of the fish farm can be seen on one side, alkali grasslands forming the remaining edge of the former sodic lake can be found on the other side of the trail.

Passing by reed islands on the edge of the fishponds the swarming bird community of reedbeds can be discovered. From hiding reed passerines to herons breeding in the dense vegetation anything can catch the eye owing to the proximity of the extended reedbed. Contrary, on the other side of the trail one can meet the characteristic species of the plains on the grazed alkali grasslands. Macskási-gyep in Sándorfalva and Székalj in Szatymaz summons the original variegation of ancient Lake Fehér after rainy winters. In such cases typical bird species also return that formerly lived the endless „Wild-waterworld” in huge masses.

Along the trail there are boards with interactive tasks which present informatively not only the history of the landscape and the natural values but give information about the current conservation problems and the methods for finding solutions for them, too. The 5 km long path starts at the Roller Visitor Centre and finishes at the Postakocsi Csárda in Szatymaz. Location of the boards allows small, 1 km roundtrips as well. The content of the informational and educational boards are available in English on site with a smartphone.

An additional water trail is situated next to the Roller Visitor Centre. The 200 m long wooden path supporting the mist nets crosses one of the biggest reed island on Lake Fehér to end in a birdwatcher cabin next to the open water surface. Information boards on the trail represent the characteristic bird species of the reed island. Not only can we reach the English versions of the boards with our smartphones but songs of the birds are also available to listen on-line. In the end of the trail, in the birdwatchers cabin special mirror-glass windows secure our hideaway from waterbirds of the lake and allow close observation of the bird community.

Warning! The educational trail is running completely on private property, visiting is allowed only with guidance!

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