Wetlands are home of the most diverse wildlife communities in Hungary. South Alföld is especially variable of periodical and permanent water bodies which are irreplaceable breeding and roosting sites for many bird species.

The largest wetlands of the region, also listed as Ramsar Sites are Lake Fehér and Fertő of Szeged, Lake Fehér of Kardoskút, Lake Csaj of Tömörkény and the sodic lakes of Pusztaszer Landscape Protection Area (Büdös-szék, Vesszős-szék, Hatvani-csatak). Many small, seasonal water bodies appear in the region as memento of the former world of sodic lakes in Kiskunság which are also important habitats for breeding and migratory birds.

Csongrád local group of MME BirdLife Hungary in collaboration with Kiskunság National Park Directorate elaborates the monitoring of waterbird populations on the most important wetlands of South Alföld. Breeding species are monitored in late spring and summer, while migratory and wintering waterbirds are observed during regular field visits.

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